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Methamphetamine use 

Northern Utah has had dozens of major Methamphetamine Busts in the last year

One bust was over 56 pounds or more than 100,000 “hits” or doses

Gang related sales of Methamphetamine continue despite the heroic efforts of law enforcement.

Weber County has more than 15,000 jail bookings annually

More than 80% of jailed inmates report drug use or have drug related offenses or crimes

Methamphetamine drug use is higher than every other illegal street drug save Marijuana. 

Utah’s Meth use consistently exceeds national average.  Utah has been the worst state for meth use  on multiple occasions.

Estimates of the number of persons using meth in Weber county during the last year range from 1500 to more than 5000

A single Methamphetamine Drug user can contaminate several residences in a single year.  Meth users move into a rental then spend their money on drugs instead of rent and move to the next  house, often several times a year.


Services we offer

Professional State certified Meth Residue testing and cleanup

Utah State certified decontamination specialist DS 0610-56

Information on where to get help if you’re a user  or the family member of a user

Home residue test kits

Home Drug Test kits to determine drug use


Possible health effects from Meth exposure

Remember small children are at the greatest risk

asthma - pulmonary fibrosis

upper respiratory complaints

weight loss - increased wakefulness

rapid heart rate - irritability  - insomnia

increased body temperature.


Meth residue will just go away with time.


Meth Residue stays on most surfaces until removed


You can just clean the carpets and paint

Facts   Cleaning to safe levels is difficult.

    Carpet cleaning spreads the residues

    Painting often makes the problem worse


While meth residue is more common in rentals and lower priced housing it is also found in luxury homes